Sunday, 7 April 2013

The GBoxApp Toolbar--- Not a virus

Most applications available in the internet today also install browser toolbars with it. One of this is the GBoxApp. To start with this article, please take good note of this: the GBOXAPP TOOLBAR IS NOT A VIRUS.
Today there are a lot of misconceptions about application toolbars. One such thing is that they are being labeled as viruses, or if not, they are called adwares, spywares, or malwares; or simply put, as computer threats. But, are all application toolbars really viruses?

Application Toolbars as Viruses is a Myth
People now have developed a certain level of hesitancy when it comes to installing new applications because they fear that these might also install add-ons, or toolbars that may be harmful to their computers. Examples of these application toolbars include the Yahoo toolbar, AVG, GBoxapp, Babylon, SweetIM, and so many others.
To set things straight, these application toolbars are not viruses. One of the causes why these toolbars are thought of as viruses is because internet Web browsers alert their users not to install add-ons because these might cause their computer’s performance to slow down.

Assurance from Application Owners and Developers
It has now been a great challenge for application owners and developers to convince their users to install their applications. Some of these applications are really interesting and may even be very convenient and useful to a lot of users, such as the GBoxapp.
Nobody would really want to risk their computer’s health by installing an unknown and untrusted program. So for security measures, it is important to check first if the application itself is certified to have already been checked with an antivirus program. The Gboxapp, for example, is certified with the McAfee antivirus, which proves that this application is not a virus.

Potential Threat
For safety measures, it is still important to note that some applications may be potential threats, such as spywares. Spywares do not really harm your computers, but they eventually do. Spywares are basically tracking tools that are integrated in a software company (from one of the applications you install) that tracks your activities and sends them to various marketing companies. This may be a little form of privacy invasion.
This does not readily do your computer harm, but the one thing you have to watch out for is not to install too many of these into your computer. When these spywares simultaneously track and send information from your computer to external places, and when multiple toolbars run in your Web browsers, then your computer is sure to slow down.
So, to keep this from happening, ensure to install only those you need and be mindful of what are already running in your system.

Choose Applications Wisely
Now that you know what really causes your computers to slowdown, it would be unfair to always point the blame to the application toolbars’ company. As a user, you should be responsible enough in ensuring that your computer is kept safe. Be sure you get the right information and don’t get too quick to judge until you are fully informed.
There are a lot of great application toolbars available now. Some include the social media toolbars, which are very helpful when one is into blogging, since it advertises your page and feeds to the social media community, and thus give your site the traffic you desire for it to have.
The GBoxapp is also very convenient to a lot of on-the-go users who just don’t have the luxury of time to search through a lot of applications. You don’t have to open too many applications all at once, since the GBoxapp already has it all.
Just be wise enough to choose your applications wisely. Control the amount of applications and toolbars you install. And scan your computer at least twice a week.
Happy application hunting and enjoy your toolbars now with no worries.
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